Mille fleurs

De la nature et sans souci, me viennent fibres, couleurs et formes... que j'unis avec amour.

02 septembre 2009


We've home and tomorrow the kids will be at school again. Twins are getting in primary school for the first time!! This summer, I've been weaving, sewing, knitting... and even embroided. I've woven several baby blankets that I may sell on etsy or here. They are all lined with Liberty and woven with handspun yarns. I also started a coat from La Droguerie and just hope that they furnished enough yarn: you'll see it soon, I hope! De retour à la maison, grosse rentrée demain. Mes jumeaux entrent en CP! Cet été, j'ai fait de tout:... [Lire la suite]
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