Mille fleurs

De la nature et sans souci, me viennent fibres, couleurs et formes... que j'unis avec amour.

03 octobre 2010


Thanks for having followed us, I will now continue privately my crazy life of house mum, cooking, knitting etc. See you!! Merci de nous avoir suivis, je continuerai ma vie en privé, ma folle vie de maman qui cuisine, coud, tricote etc. A bientôt!!
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01 octobre 2010

Châtaignes... Chestnuts!

Hello! This week, the kids and us had a walk in the forest and got plenty of chestnuts. Then, I made the silly promise to cook them. This was so long to prepare them! But the cake was extra good and worth it... It got eaten before I could even take a picture! Bonjour! Cette semaine, les enfants et nous avons été nous promener dans la forêt, et avons ramassés des tonnes de châtaignes. C'est alors que je fis la promesse idiote de les cuisiner. Dieu que ça a été long à décortiquer! Mais le gâteau en valait la peine... Il a été mangé... [Lire la suite]
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23 septembre 2010


I had been staring at the little gemstones since 6 months now... Yesterday, I took my revenge from being hypnotised and created two nekclaces: they will be offered for Chritsmas! There are iolite, amethyst, quartz, prasiolite, on silver. I love them both. They made me think at Cote d'Opale, where we didn't go this year. Should I go on with this? I'd like a piece bringing all the sunshine of late summer... Je les ai regardées pendant 6 mois, ces petites gemmes... Hier j'ai pris ma revanche, d'avoir été hypnotisée et immobilisée si... [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2010

Sunny September

Hello, what's up here, close to Paris? Well, we had beautiful and long holidays, we did not knit much and took a lot of sunshine. The kids have gone back to school and gardening has taken me much time. Cleaning and sorting, too... We will perhaps move next year: I have to think how and when. Salut salut, quoi de neuf par ici pas loin de Paris? Eh bien, nous avons eu de belles et longues vacances, on n'a pas beaucoup tricoté, et on a pris pris plein de soleil. Les enfants sont de retour à l'école et j'ai passé beaucoup de temps à... [Lire la suite]
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28 juin 2010

Ca sent les vacances!

It smells holidays here... Very hot weather, a plastic swimming pool is sitting in the garden and I'm finishing things before leaving! My boys and girls have finished school and everything seems all right, with honours. Next year I will have 4 kids in primary school. I've bought linen and alpaca anf I hope I'll be back soon with pretty finished things! Have a nice summer time! Bonjour! Ca sent les vacances par ici... Il fait super chaud, on a mis la piscine gonflable dans le jardin, et je finis des trucs avant de partir. Mes garçons... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2010

Week end pluvieux... et T13

C'est bof bof par ici. Ma dentelle est bien jolie mais pas bien grande et pas finie. La pluie m'a empêchée de faire un cliché plus net, bref. C'est bof bof. Et puis aujourd'hui on a eu la fête de l'école républicaine, avec son buffet mixte normal/hallal. Or quand la coopérative scolaire paie du hallal, elle finance directement l'imam. Cela confirme ce que je crois: la laïcité, c'est l'islam (je n'ai pas le moral, j'ai dit c'est bof bof). Toutes nos règles laïques sont plus compatibles avec l'islam qu'avec le catholicisme. D'un côté... [Lire la suite]
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08 juin 2010

A new coat (and new weaving!)

Hello! I just finished a new coat with my handwoven fabric and liberty. Size is 2 years, and the baby is not yet born... We're still in summer, I had to be in advance this time! I love this pattern which is so simple to sew. I have also started a new weave with my handspun yarn. It is also handdyed with cochenille.The weft is organic merinos, from Treliske, that I had left from my "owl sweater". The rose weaving is reserved for my dear sister!!Also, I will soon propose you a little summer sale of winter hats, for babies who... [Lire la suite]
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03 juin 2010


Yesterday I received a beautiful surprise from Enora, who lives in La Réunion, many (many!) sweet and fat vanilla pods. Her mail was so perfumed that our living room smelled vanilla the hole day! I made vanilla yoghourt in new, blue pitchets I got from etsy. Thank you so much Enora!!! I love about vanilla and thanks to your great stock of Bourbon vanilla I will enjoy many new recipies! Hier j'ai reçu une merveilleuse surprise de la part d'Enora, qui habite à la Réunion, plein de douces et grasses gousses de vanille, mais alors... [Lire la suite]
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31 mai 2010


This is the end of May, the month of Mary. We had a beautiful ceremony and time with friends and family. Plenty of flowers and joys! I wanted to share a little with you... and thank you for your kind comments. I am a little bit exhausted, we were more than 30. Have a nice week!C'est la fin du mois de mai, le mois de Marie. Nous avons eu une cérémonie splendide et du temps avec la famille et les amis. Plein de fleurs et de joie! Je voulais le partager avec vous... et vous remercier de tous vos gentils commentaires. Je suis claquée, on... [Lire la suite]
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24 mai 2010

Retro planning

Hello! Last week we were still cold and I was wondering what could warm my little girl next saturday when she will have her first communion, as I had only prepared cotton dress and shirt. We had one day of beautiful sunshine and I could not help bringing out the wheel. And the cat, obviously. It took me less than an hour to spin a beautiful lambswool for big needles. The skein was fluffy and springy. I washed it and blocked it toroughly, then I knitted a nice small bolero. I've sewed the buttons and here it is! Now the weather has... [Lire la suite]
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