Mille fleurs

De la nature et sans souci, me viennent fibres, couleurs et formes... que j'unis avec amour.

26 janvier 2010

Light thing

A light crochet thing with remaining yarn... and a reflection in the window of a door. Un truc léger au crochet avec la laine qui me reste... et un reflet dans la vitre de la porte du salon.
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21 janvier 2010

Citron / Haïti

Hello! I have finished my citron shawl done with one grey thread of malabrigo lace, and one white thread of kidsilk haze. I kintted it with 8mm needles which is uncommon for me. I find these needles too big! However the result is light and warm, and there is enough left for a little scarf. Actually I've already crocheted it and it is also a delight. I'll show it to you next time. Have a happy week!Bonjour! J'ai fini mon "citron" avec un fil de malabrigo lace (merino) and un de kidsilk haze (soie mohair). Je l'ai tricotée... [Lire la suite]
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13 janvier 2010

Time is spinning fast!

Pfew, sometimes you wonder how time could go so quickly! It's time for kings, and a giant home-made galette (always form the same book), then for a birthday cake, homemade blinis, other birthday cakes. Then time to lose the 4.5mm needles you thought you had for this sweater's sleeves and start a fast shawl. No polyamide at home: malabrigo lace and kidsilk haze for wool, mohair and silk. And suddenly, snow melts. And children are so grown up now. Pff, franchement parfois on se demande comment le temps passe si vite! D'abord, les... [Lire la suite]
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04 janvier 2010

Happy New Year - Bonne Année 2010

I wish you a very happy new year 2010, may it be full of joy, for your family and friends. Maybe this year we could take a good resolution like this one: Anyway... Below are a few good things for today. An old northern Christmas tabecloth, handprinted, a new milkpot, a paper fish, and a new owl vest for my daughter. I would have plenty of things to tell you. I am full of projects and ideas. May them become true!Bonjour! Je vous souhaite une délicieuse année 2010, qu'elle soit emplie de joie, pour vos amis et votre famille.... [Lire la suite]
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25 décembre 2009

Saint Noël à toutes!

Georges de la TourCette année j'ai eu la chance de "profiter" de l'avent. Depuis que j'ai arrêté de travailler - si on peut dire ça comme ça - le temps s'écoule différemment. J'en ai été apaisée, j'espère que ça a rejailli sur la maison et la famille...J'espère que vous aurez aussi vos joies de Noël, je vous le souhaite doux et saint!
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13 décembre 2009

Happy Sunday Evening

After a rich and long saturday evening, this sunday is much more quiet and cosy. Light has not become better for pictures anyway... Here are a finished vest for my son and the finished La Droguerie coat with the pockets. Sleeves are really shirt now! I also found a very nice shop for Christmas, if you didn't find enough stuff at etsy... and it's better than La Droguerie yarns. Wish you a happy week! Après un riche et long samedi soir, ce dimanche est beaucoup plus tranquille et domestique. La lumière n'est pas devenue meilleure pour... [Lire la suite]
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08 décembre 2009

Immaculée Conception

... Walking towards Christmas, daylight is becoming darker. This evening we must light all the candles available! ... En marche pour Noël, la lumière du jour se fait de plus en plus sombre. Ce soir nous devrons allumer toutes les bougies disponibles!
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06 décembre 2009

rainy sunday, happy sunday evening

Hello! Being improductive again, I've decided to prepare a new warp for my loom, after having read Brooke... This is my handspun merinos, white wool and grey, angora, handdyed alpaca with cochenille rose. What yarn will I use for weft? Some very fine white merino I think. And I've finished my son's vest (see on the frame), for whom I must find buttons! Bonne semaine... Other "HSE" at Poppy's.Bonjour! Toujours improductive, j'ai décidé de préparer une nouvelle chaîne pour mon métier, après avoir lu Brooke... Voici de la laine... [Lire la suite]
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02 décembre 2009


Hello there.... Not so many posts these times. I write more and more in my own black book and less on the Internet. Perhaps an excess of advertising and hype blogs makes me reluctant from all the web relationship? There are too many things to sell everywhere (mine included!! Maybe I'll try soon weaving with my white handspun). I focus on small things that can not yet be shown, like the new Christmas crown, a striped sweater for one of my boys and gifts to come. I enjoy new things like gemmology as stones are fascinating, maybe I'll... [Lire la suite]
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23 novembre 2009


Christmas is arriving soon enough to start knitting something soft and warm for dear friends. I've knitted Ysolda's Ishbel (see also the post about Poppy doll) and it is a great model. I used 5mm needles and a skein of my handspun yarn, which is a tweed of silk, mohair, wool. The result is delighfully light, warm and soft. I hope she'll enjoy it!Noël arrive dans suffisamment peu de temps pour qu'on commence à tricoter pour les chères amies. J'ai réalisé le châle Ishbel d'Ysolda (voir ci-dessous le post sur Poppy) qui est encore un... [Lire la suite]
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