Mille fleurs

De la nature et sans souci, me viennent fibres, couleurs et formes... que j'unis avec amour.

04 octobre 2009

Happy Sunday Evening

A new happy sunday evening, after a lot of sun but colder... It's nice to have received such a nice gift from Lou et Tom and enjoy a new week with many projects! Thank you Isabelle!Nouveau HSE après beaucoup de soleil mais plus froid... C'est doux de recevoir un joli cadeau de la part de Lou et Tom, et d'anticiper plein de projets pour la semaine! Merci Isabelle!
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02 octobre 2009

Moving slowly...

There are many things moving here, but lots of them are moving slowly. Like the fylingdales (ravelry link, a great model), waiting after a fair isle project and Ysolda's doll. The wool is Green Mountain Spinnery Mohair and I love it... I don't use a spare needle for the cables, it goes faster. Have a nice day!Il y a beaucoup de choses qui avancent chez moi, mais beaucoup avancent lentement. Comme le fylingdales (lien ravelry, un super modèle), qui attend son tour après un projet en fair isle et la poupée d'Ysolda. La laine est de la... [Lire la suite]
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27 septembre 2009

Happy Sunday Evening

Beautiful autumn days here close to Paris, that we spent outside with kids and bicycles... I finished my Droguerie vest, but I still miss the pockets. Time for new projects! Other HSE can be found at Poppyrose. Jours d'automne magnifiques autour de Paris, passés dehors à vélo avec les enfants... J'ai fini la veste de la Droguerie à laquelle il manque toujours les poches. C'est le moment de passer à autre chose, vite! La déception est effacée par les rayons de soleil. Lire les autres HSE de Poppyrose.
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24 septembre 2009

Textured Shawl

It's already over, the textured shawl didn't last long. Only 5 little skeins were left, organic merinos from Treliske. Well I am really sorry about the pictures due to grey and grey sky. But I assure you that the shawl is just appropriate for today, and that I love it! It's now time to enjoy a "goddess of Knitting" model from other leftouts... 5 little white skeins, 1 brown and lots of blues!!! What model would you propose?Déjà terminé, le textured shawl ne m'a pas pris beaucoup de temps. Je n'avais que 5 pelotes de mérinos... [Lire la suite]
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21 septembre 2009

The end of the end of summer #2

Yes! Summer is still ending... Proof: this tomatos from the garden. The new shawl is delicious, you'll find it here on Ravelry and here in french. As it ends with garter sticth, I'll use it as an alibi for Tricot 13... Oui! L'été n'en finit plus de finir... La preuve, les dernières tomates du jardin. Le nouveau châle est délicieux, vous le trouverez ici sur Ravelry et traduit en Français ici. Comme il se termine avec du point mousse, ce sera mon alibi pour Tricot 13...
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18 septembre 2009

The end of the end of summer #1

Summer is reeeally getting old here in Paris. Sometimes in the afternoon, it's still hor but in the morning cold and gray. Fruits of summer and autumn are getting mixed and I sometimes wish I already have a new shawl. I picked up a worsted organic merino yarn and started a non-lacy shawl. I love it and talk about it soon! I also inform you that I have opened my etsy shop, and that I am awfully sorry about dollar prices. Dollar dropped compared to Euro... These baby blankets are woven with warm threads of life and not by machines...... [Lire la suite]
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13 septembre 2009


Yep, that was a first for me, a common project by La Droguerie, with Tricot 13.However I am sort of disappointed after having dreamed and knitted so much, because as expected I runned out of yarn. Nothing or not much left to end this coat. To be continued, I hope! After having eaten all the durkish delights of my nice box... Eh oui, c'était une première, ma participation au Tricot 13 avec ce joli manteau de La Droguerie. Pourtant je suis affreusement déçue parce que le kit est trop court: il ne reste rien - sauf le minuscule peloton... [Lire la suite]
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07 septembre 2009

Sweets for September

September and its post-summer delights... A mirabelle pie from Nancy, a fir cone (maybe I'll be able to grow a tree from it?), and a scratchy scruby bath perfect after sun and sea. From right to left: beautiful soft blue soaps from Graine de Pastel, black soap and Alep soap (perfect to get a new skin), borage oil (anti-wrinkle miracle), and a delightful water made of melissa. I hope you'll enjoy as much as I do!Septembre et ses petits délices de la rentrée... Une tarte aux mirabelles "de Nancy", une pomme de pin (j'espère en... [Lire la suite]
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02 septembre 2009


We've home and tomorrow the kids will be at school again. Twins are getting in primary school for the first time!! This summer, I've been weaving, sewing, knitting... and even embroided. I've woven several baby blankets that I may sell on etsy or here. They are all lined with Liberty and woven with handspun yarns. I also started a coat from La Droguerie and just hope that they furnished enough yarn: you'll see it soon, I hope! De retour à la maison, grosse rentrée demain. Mes jumeaux entrent en CP! Cet été, j'ai fait de tout:... [Lire la suite]
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04 juillet 2009

Fir Cones...

... are spreading on cotton. I knit my fine lace cardigan when the weather is hot, and otherwise a very warm sweater from "A Fine Fleece". Maybe you'll see them both in September. I wish you pleasant summer holidays if you get some! Des "pommes de pain" (c'est le nom du motif dentelle que j'utilise) s'étalent sur du coton blanc très fin. Mais c'est seulement quand il fait plus de 27°, autrement le soir, je tricote un fil bien épais de laine et mohair sur un modèle extrait de "A fine fleece". Peut-être... [Lire la suite]
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